Friends of ECC

Welcome Friends!  

As a parent or guardian of a child enrolled at the Early Childhood Center, you are considered a Friend.
Friends of the ECC is the Parent-Teacher Organization for the Early Childhood Center. It provides a route for parents and guardians to take an active part in their child’s education.  The Friends of the ECC’s mission is to support the teachers, therapists, and the principal in accomplishing their primary goal – to provide a positive first school experience for our children. Some of the roles the PTO plays include, but are not limited to;

Assisting with school activities and in the classroom
Purchasing equipment, educational toys, games, materials, etc.
Organizing special events for the children, as well as the entire family

In past years, some of the fun activities sponsored last year through the Friends of ECC included: Animal Adventures, Pumpernickel Puppets, Family Movie Night, Family Magic Night, Field Day, and the end of year parade and social. We have also provided a holiday lunch and special breakfast for Teacher Appreciation Day to thank the staff for their hard work and extra effort with the children. Due to the unavoidable circumstances the enrichment looks a little different this year. Volunteering in the classroom or at events may not be possible due to Covid regulations.  As we raise funds we are hoping to purchase new playground equipment or classroom furniture for the students. 

We hope to participate in new and creative fundraisers this year to raise money for more classroom books and supplies, playground equipment and educational programs. Some of last year's fundraising activities include FunPasta, Scholastic Books, and a Calendar Raffle. We are always open for new ideas! 

We hold a monthly meeting to plan the events for our kids. We will be holding these remotely for the remainder of the year. If you are interested in contributing in any way, please see the sign up request on the back of this page.

Please consider being an active member of our PTO. We provide enrichment programs, materials, and equipment for our students through their fundraising efforts. We are always looking for fresh ideas brought to the table and new friends to be made. With your help we can make our ambitions a reality.

Our best wishes for a successful school year for all of the children at the ECC!


Kerensa Erminelli